Ben Conducts a crescendo of Proms positivity

Ben conducts a crescendo of Proms positivity

Who loved last weekend? Apart from being longer than normal, what a belter it was in every single way. What wasn’t lost on many was our ability to throw a brilliant party and the clear indication that we truly hold the crown on festivals, pomp and ceremony. Nobody else comes close.

The weekend also saw a who’s who of famous faces, not least our very own Lesley Garrett heading past Buckingham Palace on top of a double decker bus – she is musical royalty after all.  In addition, Sophie Evans appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and although she missed out on a final place with The Welsh of the West End, this further rubber stamped the level of talent that are set to light up Aireville Park on July 22nd. 

Added to that incredible list of talent, we had a brief chat with Conductor and local lad Ben Crick about the The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms as he knows what makes the event special and also how excited we should be for an event for the ages.

“For me a good proms gig has what you’d expect, so Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem will all be there along with perennial favourites like Nessun Dorma and O Mio Babbino Caro but I also think it’s a chance to slip in a lesser known work in between all this. Pucinni’s Che Gelida Manina is one of the most beautiful tenor arias in the repertoire so I’m really excited to fit that in. So the must haves are the favourites, the odd surprise and then finally an atmosphere of players and audience alike simply there to enjoy the event.”

“The honesty of the people which you get if you ask for it or not! There’s an immediacy to that which I love, you don’t have to wonder what people are thinking. Of the physical place, it’s got to be the cliffs and caves where I head for my down time.”

“The one I seem to keep saying at the moment is ‘ow much!?’ every time I pass a petrol station, but the one I’ve a long standing affection for is ‘It’ll be reet’ which I’ve used when referring to both terrible and amazing situations that I’ve been in.”

“Standing up and conducting a big symphony orchestra is just about my favourite thing to do anyway so I’ll be simply loving that for a start. I’ve worked with Lesley before so it’ll be great to meet up with her again and I’ve never met Wynne so that’ll be fun. People just think he’s the go compare bloke (On meeting I’ll probably start with a joke about that) but here’s a tenor with a genuine international career at the world’s major opera house.”

“Never been busier to be honest, which as a freelancer I’ll never moan about. Got some lovely conducting gigs throughout Europe but in December my oratorio based on some Yorkshire carols, that predate ding dong and all those by centuries, is being performed by the Skipton Building Society Camerata and Leeds University choir The Clothworkers Consort so I’m really excited about that.”

“Telling stories that I think need telling; I honestly believe that music can sum up the human experience in sound in a way that no other art form can. To work alongside exceptionally talented people all pulling together to convey a feeling, emotion or narrative in sound is a real privilege that I’ll never tire of.”

I can’t deny that you’ve made me feel upbeat about everything Ben as your passion for all things music and everything that you put into your performances is extremely uplifting. There is simply no doubt that the crowd at The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms are in for an absolute treat and we cannot wait to see it all unfold. Thanks Ben and See you next month.

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