Earth Day – Making the right moves

Earth Day - Making the right moves

Friday was Earth Day. An important moment to take a step back and think of our environmental impact, so then any steps we take forward aren’t those leaving the wrong kind of footprint.

We all know the world is a wonderful place and we are lucky to be part of it. Even better for some, we live in Yorkshire – not many better places on Earth and thus even more reason to take note of our responsibilities when it comes to doing the right things to protect where we live.

When it comes to Planet Earth and how we can make a difference, it’s up to all of us to try and take note and make the necessary changes we can to ensure the planet is protected in whichever way possible.

Gateways Events Limited is delighted to host two events at Aireville Park, but the team all recognise that we have a very real responsibility to manage our environmental impact and thus we have set objectives and targets to reflect this. 

Whilst we have many more considerations, here are just a small selection of some of the points we have considered.

  • excellent public transport links reducing carbon emissions

  • reinstatement of damaged areas

  • Locally sourced catering for artists / use of biodegradable packaging

  • Power generators working at optimum levels and natural light levels higher in July

  • No glass policy, separation of waste and recycling of litter picks

Our venue in Skipton, optimises all that is great about living where we live. Aireville Park plays host to stunning backdrops and rolling hills that we will all benefit from over the full festival weekend. As part of this, we feel that our environmental considerations are a starting point for a long sustainable future.

We will always endeavour to work with the environment in mind and improve this performance level as we continue to develop as an event for many years to come.

There’s just one world, let’s all look after it.

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