Keeping it real – Attendee Advice for Aireville

Keeping it real - Attendee Advice for Aireville

Making your weekend at Aireville Park a truly epic experience is our sole mission for sure. However whether it be Friday night at The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms or the weekend at the Gateways Festival there is something that everyone can take note of to ensure the memories created are nothing but those of a positive nature.

It all boils down to being festival safe. What is this? It can mean different things to different people but taking care of yourself and knowing that measures are in place to help the experience flow without a hitch is really important.

One of the major police driven schemes is Project Servator which aims to deter, detect and disrupt various criminal activites, including terrorism and should help to provide reassurance for members of the public. It’s important to note as part of everyone wanting to have a great time that we remember ‘Together, we’ve got it covered’. This highlights that staff, stewards, volunteers and you the people in attendance can all play a major part in guaranteeing that if anything is not right it gets reported and dealt with appropriately. 

Aside from this, let’s look at some key areas and give you some links so everybody turning up to Skipton this July has all the equipment, instructions and important guidance that they need.

  • Popping your festival cherry – Understand your environment, show patience, keep your wits about you, buddy up, research festival welfare, know the site plan and never be scared to ask stewards and other volunteers for help.

  • Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – watch out for ticket cloning and ticket fraud, research what to bring for day/weekend visits, cash requirements, contactless availability, Transport/parking, the never needed items, access and travel to the venue, brining the necessary I.D and do you need to bring any medication.

  • Happy Campers – get advice, follow the guidance, pick the best spot, fire safety and test out your tent skills before you get there.

  • Creating a culture – everyone should feel safe and respected, zero-tolerance to abuse, consent, safer spaces, Spiking, Drug awareness and reporting issues.

  • All the beer, no idea – understand the law, harm reduction guidance and drug testing.

  • Top form for body and mind – friendly faces, pace yourself, be kind, eat well, drink plenty (of water), be weather aware, the on-site team are there to help, understand consent and look after your mental health in the usual ways but remember above all else, the advice is out there.

  • The Little people – the right kit, safeguarding needs, getting lost and getting found again and thinking how best to work with teenagers and their need for freedom.

This is only a small introduction into things we can think of and those maybe that you don’t but in the main the priority should be to ensure you’ve looked at all areas and checked out the FAQs on the website as this should cover everything. 

Above all else whether it is waving the flags in patriotic wonder or rocking out to a guitar solo for the ages that we all do our bit so Aireville Park this July is remembered for being amazing and nothing else.

Thanks for listening.

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