Love is in the Aire-ville Park

Love is in the Aire-ville Park

On that day of the year when we all might just show someone how we really feel about them, we at Gateways Festival and The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms thought why don’t we reach out and show you how we can help you ‘get the feels’ for July 2022 at Aireville Park.

So firstly what do people love more than spending time with those people we care about most? sharing an experience that fills those hearts with Joy, probably. Well this will be signed, sealed, delivered enjoying any of the three days on offer. With that in mind it’s never too late to snap up tickets for a real surprise present that that special someone will not expect on today’s day of love.

How many of us have ‘that song’ or can recall where we were when we heard a tune that we truly love? Whilst the acts for Saturday and Sunday are still undisclosed (a bit like my secret admirer), Friday’s offering at The Great Yorkshire Dales Proms including Lesley Garett, Wynne Evans, Sophie Evans amongst others, might just bring you that song that is your new favourite addition to your ‘most loved’ play-list. With a summer of love on the cards you might share a moment on the dodgems or even top the lot and get down on one knee and confess your forevers.

When people think of how they show their love all year round, I for one would think of those random acts of kindness and how the little things really matter. Let your hearts rest easy – we are there for our wonderful festival goers. Access is well marshalled, volunteers are like earth angels minus cupid’s arrow and everybody else in the team will be there to ensure that you won’t have anything to worry about other than falling in love with everything that the weekend has in store.

Lastly, we’ve all heard ‘ the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach’ and that’s also well and truly covered in the heart of Skipton this summer. Food of all kinds, from so many different places you will have an operatic assortment of choices that you won’t know where to start, or indeed when to finish.

With so much to look forward too and so many highlights ready to be stored in the memory banks, let’s be fair, when it comes to the undeniable perfect match of the splendour of Friday at the Proms and a full weekend of some of the best bands in the business everybody should start to ponder ….What’s not to love?

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