Random Act of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

As last week marked Random Act of Kindness Day, we at the Great Yorkshire Dales Proms and Gateways Festival were truly feeling all warm and fuzzy over the weekend both inside and out. As part of that we thought why not think of all those little things that we do for each other on an everyday basis.

The 3 day weekend party at Aireville Park will play host to lots of volunteers and people offering themselves to ensure that everybody has a safe and fun time. Equally, we will soon announce our charity partner who we will work closely alongside as they show how they deliver even higher levels of kindness each and every day.

Whilst we might not let people in front of us in the queue as we clamour to get to the front of tha main stage, I’m sure people will be helped, supporting hands will be offered and people will be cleaned up after all across a huge weekend of live music. All this whilst doing something we all love at the Great Yorkshire Dales Proms and Gateways Festival.

However, prior to all that joy to come in July we wanted to shine a light on an incredible little lad called who Luke, who is an absolute inspiration and someone who we can all agree deserves any kindness we can offer his way.  

With Random Act of Kindness Day in mind, and on the back of ourselves donating a pair of tickets for his charity Casino night to be held at Skipton Rugby Club on the 26th February, we wanted everyone to maybe take a moment, get along on Saturday, or maybe even donate a prize yourselves if you can.

More information about the amazing luke, donation pages and all the info you need or even just to catch up with how is getting on, can be found at https://www.facebook.com/thisislukefundraising/ 

Crowdfunding to support Luke Mortimer and his family on JustGiving

Keep an eye out this week as we bring more exciting news about our charity and other partners of the Festival and how they will all combine to bring everyone one amazing weekend this summer.

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